Japanese Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant Meisei Adliya

2015 Bahrain_Winner Badge_Final-01Unquestionably one of the hardest fought and closest of all the voting categories, and one that gave the expert panel many a sleepless night, not to say a great number of additional visits.

With an abundance of passion and talent in equal measures, combined with a delicately balanced yet innovative menu; and a commitment to the highest standards Chef Michael Sang-Kyu Lee, Meisei’s executive chef and driving force behind this Asian fusion restaurant led Meisei to the title of best Japanese Restaurant. Using only the best ingredients, beautiful materials and an over-riding respect for nature has enabled Chef Michael to create some of the finest and most enticing culinary fare in Bahrain today. Let the intricate flavours dance over your taste-buds as you savour the complex fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisines with a touch of Italian Mediterranean flair. +973 17 00 7770 meiseirestaurants.com

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