Golestan Iranian Sheraton


Golestan Iranian Sheraton

Situated in the Sheraton Hotel this authentic Iranian restaurant offers appetizing, delicately flavoured specialties and fresh home-baked breads. Golestan combines a fusion of classic Iranian style with contemporary elements in a magnificent setting.

Persian cooking has evolved over the centuries producing a remarkable variety of fine dishes, which are not only healthy and beautiful to behold but also have a subtle piquancy, and aroma that is unmatched across the world. Maintaining traditions from days-gone-by when trade Caravans crossed the region with the silks of China, saffron from India, frankincense of Arabia and gold from Rome, Golestan imbues the greatest of Persian arts, hospitality coupled with delicious dining makes any visit a memorable experience. +973 175 33 5 33 golestanbahrain.com

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